GNM Group is involved at every level of civil construction from site preparation through to reticulation services. We provide services, including earthworks and can manage the installation of storm water, sewer and water service installation. Clients can take confidence in our capability to manage the following:

  • Site Preparation Services: Complete site earthworks operations focusing on detailed works
  • Storm Water:  Full range of Stormwater services from small on lot works to large industrial developments. Experienced in RCP and FRC pipe installation, box culvert works, separators and traps and stormwater retention systems.
  • Sewer Reticulation:  Full range of sewer supply and installation options such as gravity, pressure and vacuum sewer systems including installation commissioning and testing
  • Water Reticulation:  All water installation services from 750mm down to house connections and metering, pumping stations, fire ring mains and services. Water installation services include sanitisation, pressure testing and commissioning.
  • Electrical Conduits:  Installation of electrical and communications conduits, pits, light posts and substation plinths to Ergon and Energex standards