The GNM Group has been successful in all areas of industry due to our commitment and investment in a professional and qualified team. The capability of our organisation to consistently deliver results is built on this team and is a direct reflection of our commitment to maintaining capable and qualified personnel. We recognise this contribution and actively seek individuals who are experts in our field.

The GNM Group currently has a team of up to thirty tradespeople. Each member of this team comes from a diverse background and improves our ability to meet industry expectations. We maintain a team including tradespeople, labourers and apprentices through to project managers, administration and finance staff.

As a member of our organisation you will enjoy the opportunity to undertake projects in remote areas of Australia often delivering vital infrastructure to communities in need. You will experience a diversity of trade work and exposure to every aspect of the plumbing industry.

GNM Group offers excellent remuneration and working conditions. The diversity and nature of projects provides every opportunity to improve your career in this industry.

We regularly seek personnel who can make a positive and professional contribution to our projects and company. We encourage your application and look forward to discussing future working opportunities.